Jenan Real Estate Company intends to be the leading developer of real estate projects in Saudi Arabia. Initially, the focus will be on the Eastern Province where huge growth is expected over the coming years due to its wealth of large oil, gas and petrochemical industries We will then rapidly expand throughout the Kingdom to meet the demand for residential units in Saudi Arabia, forecast to increase at a rate of 200,000 annually for the next 10 years: a formidable challenge in which we are eager to engage.

The company’s scope of business will cover:

  • Acquisition of raw land with the potential to develop distinctive, residential developments, offering differenttypes of housing and urban environments, aimed at redefining lifestyles in Saudi Arabia.
  • Development of landmark mixed use projects: looking to the future and meeting the sophisticated demands of the next generation.
  • Creation of broader, large scale entertainment and tourism projects; run and managed by specialist international leisure operators.
  • Acquisition and revitalization of existing real estate developments for resale.
  • Establishment and management of Real Estate Investment Funds (REITS) in accordance with Saudi Arabia's regulatory framework.
  • Provision of real estate services including property management, real estate marketing and real estate valuation, in co-operation with selected specialized partners.